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Southern food with an Old-school groove!

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Def of Shuckin:

A 1960’s & 70’s themed Eatery that takes you back to an era when life was Groovy & food was something you experienced and not just ate.

Shuckin’ & Jivin’ |noun| Having a good time joking around, usually with good food & music involved.

About We Shuckin Eatery

We Shuckin Eatery, a Sweet  Butter Hospitality Group company, journeys back to when food  was a culture connector. Our farm to fork  cuisines are an ode to Southern Food, black culinary icons, and Southern Culture. Popular items such as  our 7-cheese mac n’ cheese honors the  creator of American mac n’ cheese;  James Hemings, an African-American (once enslaved) innovative Chef of  Thomas Jefferson,  by staying true to its consistency and  origins of this American favorite dish. Our approach is rooted in the history of Soul Food...everything handmade, locally sourced & fresh!

Travel through tastes... Our Food Culture
Culture: is the knowledge, characteristics, language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts of a group of people

The Black American food diaspora is more broad than most think. Most people wrap up Soul Food to being Fried Chicken, Mac & Cheese, and Collards, and while those items cross regional boarders, each region has items that are specific to their area, or a different way of cooking some of the same items. The Gumbo In Carolina is heavier okra while the gumbo in Louisiana is roux based and flavored with filè. The BBQ is Tennessee is wet & dry and the sauce is tomato based, while Alabama bbq has a white sauce, & Carolina is vinegar based. The seafood boil style in Louisiana is Cajun and is different from the boil in Jacksonville, Florida. Though many differences, Collectively these foods from various regions are called “Soul Food”.





Our menu travels throughout the regions and offers different styles of soul food:

Carolina (Low Country/ Geechee)
Shrimp & Grits, chicken & waffles, oxtail stew, Catfish
Louisiana (Cajun & Creole)
Gumbo, po’boy, Cajun Rice, Red Beans, Oysters
Georgia (Country Cookin’)
Mac, Collards, Yams, Southern Chicken, Peach Cobbler,
Florida (Seafood)
Fish, Shrimp, Conch, Nini Bread

*Our Language, Southern Colloquialisms, & Dialects

Here at Shuckin, Southern Jargon & African- American Vernacular (Ebonics) is not only an acceptable form of communication, it’s encouraged! Now remember, different regions carry a different dialect. While in Carolina, a Geechee May say “Bussin”- meaning “Real good”, and in Louisiana you may hear “Bayybee” when being addressed by someone you have no former relationship with. In Florida they may ask if you want a Soda and in Louisiana even if the soda is hot they may ask you if you want a “Cold drink”. There are however, many words, phrases & terms that cross regions and are known generally as African American Vernacular (Ebonics) like: “Y’all- contraction: you all”, “Finna- ”, “Ain’t- contraction of Am not/are not”, “Sho’nuf- contraction: Sure enough”,
“Tore up (pronounced toe-up) adjectival phrase: Broken”, “Yeen-You ain’t“, “Aye- to call for someone’s attention” , and the infamous “Ayee- to encourage someone usually on the dance floor”.

The Soul cultural identity from the language spoken to the foods eaten is one to be celebrated.

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Thank you to the MBF for  generously funding our growth